• Photovoltaics based on power supply type

    DC power system and AC power system

  • According to the characteristics and types of the power supply

    Divided into independent photovoltaic power generation systems and grid connected photovoltaic power generation systems

  • Is there any noise hazard in photovoltaic power generation systems?

    The photovoltaic power generation system converts solar energy into electrical energy without generating noise effects. The noise index of the inverter is not higher than 65 decibels, and there is no noise hazard.

  • Does photovoltaic power generation system pose electromagnetic radiation hazards to users?

    The photovoltaic power generation system converts solar energy into electrical energy based on the principle of photovoltaic effect generated by light. It is pollution-free and radiation free, and electronic devices such as inverters and distribution cabinets have passed EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing, so it is not harmful to human health.

  • How to deal with the temperature rise and ventilation issues of solar cells?

    The output power of photovoltaic cells will decrease with increasing temperature, and ventilation and heat dissipation can improve power generation efficiency. The most commonly used method is natural wind ventilation.

  • What should be paid attention to in fire prevention and firefighting of household distributed photovoltaic power generation systems?

    Flammable and explosive materials are prohibited from being stacked near distributed power generation systems. In the event of a fire, the personnel and property losses caused are incalculable. In addition to basic fire safety measures, photovoltaic systems are also reminded to have self detection and fire prevention functions to reduce the likelihood of a fire. In addition, fire prevention and maintenance channels must be reserved every 40 meters, and there must be emergency DC system circuit breakers that are easy to operate.

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