Electric skateboards are based on traditional human-powered skateboards and are powered by electric kits. Electric skateboards are generally divided into two-wheel drive or single-wheel drive. The most common transmission methods are: hub motor (HUB) and belt drive. The main source of power is lithium battery pack.The control method of the electric scooter is the same as that of the traditional electric bicycle, which is easy to be learned by the driver. It is equipped with a detachable and foldable seat. Compared with the traditional electric bicycle, the structure is simpler, the wheel is smaller, lighter and simpler, and it can save a lot of social resources. In recent years, the rapid development of electric scooters with lithium batteries has spawned new demands and trends.

  • 1989
  • 1,234+
  • 5000㎡
  • 100+

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